Wael Kfoury

Wael Kfoury Ma Waadtik Bi Njoum El Leil:

B'layli nadahni el hob, meshwari ebtada
W b'ghaflet 3omr, ballash 3omr tani
W sar jayi el shaw2 sawbi 3al hada
W habb el hawa w la b3eed waddani
W hal alb feeki ya rou7i ehtada
W sheft el denyi a3yad w ghnani
Dahab w 2sour ma bou3od 7ada
Bel kad 3erzal b'rass el jerd bani
W shmaylet mwaweel raddadha el sada
W amani bi hal iyam sahrani

W ma w3adtik bi njoum el leil
La tar7a men khyout el shams
W la bjeblik 3a dhour el khayl
Knouz el jenn w mal el ens
Ana zalami 3a add el 7al
W mamlekti off w mawwal
W menjayra 3an jeddi w bass

Ana ma 3endi, ma 3endi 2sour
Wala mkhaddi men reesh n3am
Wala kassati men ballor
Wala jawari wala kheddam
3endi bayt b'rass el jerd
W jarret may w 7a2let ward
W 3ala sawt el 7assoun b7ess


El hob b'3omrou ma byen2as
Bel mal w bel mazaher
W hal denyi ya bent el nass
Enbanyet 3al 7ob el taher
W'en kannou 7ali byordeeki
Ya ahla w sahla feeki
Ne2som hal le2mi bel noss



In one night, love came to me and my road began
In a glance of a lifetime, another life began for me
And passion calmly ran into me
And the wind blew and through me far away
My heart was relieved with you, my soul
And I saw the world as happy events and songs
I don't promise gold and castles to anyone
I barely built a small house in the far country
And a bunch of songs repeated by the echo
And dreams that often stayed up with my in the nights

I never promised you the stars in the sky
Nor a veil from the sunshine
And I won't bring you, riding a horse
Treasures from a genie and money from fortunes
I'm a man that has as much as he needs
My kingdom is a melody, a song
And a flute inherited from my grandfather

I don't have castles
Nor a pillow made of ostrich's feather
Nor are my cups made of diamonds
Nor do I have mistresses and servants
I have a house in the far country
A big container* of water and a field of roses
And I feel with the whistling of the bird


Love is never measured
By money and looks
And the world, my girl
Was built with pure love
And if my situation satisfies you
You're very welcome
We'll split this plate in two


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