Wael Jassar

Wael Jassar

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Beddi Shoufak Kil Youm
Beddi Shoufak Kil Youm:

Beddi shoufak kil youm ya habibi
w la tghib 3anni wala youm, ya habibi
w tsalem 3aleyeh ya habibi 3a boukra wa 3ashiyeh - x2
w khabeeki bi 3aynayi ya habibi

ya wardi ma2toufi min ajmal bustan
touw3id w ma btoufi
ya amar il zaman

bta3rifni bahibbak
ad il ba7r bihibbak

w ma bta3teeneh albak ya habibi

rassamtak 3a warqa min lawn il rabi3
khift bi layl il fir2a itday3ni w tdi3

marrit il layali
ya toul il layali

ma ri7t min bali ya habibi


I want to see you every day my darling
and don't be away from me for a single day, my darling
and to greet me my darling, morning and evening - x2
and let me shield you with my eyes, my darling

Oh rose that was plucked from the most beautiful orchard
You promise but don't fulfil
You beauty of all time

You know that I love you
My love is as great as the ocean

And yet you don't give me your heart, my love!

I drew you on paper the colour of spring
I was afraid in a night of parting,
You would lose me and I would lose you

And the nights passed
The length of those nights!

And you never departed from my thoughts, my darling.

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