Sherine Wagdy

Sherine Wagdy

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Wala Leila:

Ya shou'y e'lyeek
Ya wakhed alby
We mesafer be3eed 3anny
Amanna 3aleek
Men el a'shwa' We layaleeha la terhamny

Wala Leila Ghebt 3an khayally
Ya Habeebi Meneen Marooh fe bally
Tamenny 3aleek fe Leila yally
Betsebny Le shou'y we ensheghally

7abeet sahar layaleek we kol ma feek
Wala gheir le 3eneek eshta' alby
We tool layally hawaak ba7lam be lo'ak
We monaya 7abeeby 'ala'eek ganby

Mahma haneb'a be3aad we mabenna Bellad
Haygellna me3ad we yegama3na
We nedoob 7aneen we gharam we ne3eesh ayam
Dayman layalleeha betegma3na


O my longing to you
that has taken my heart
and is travelling away from me
I beg you
to have mercy on me from the longings and their nights

not a single night you've been away from my mind
my love, wherever I go you're on my mind
assure me about you some night, you
who leaves me to my longings and thoughts

I loved your sleepless nights and everything about you
and my heart hasn't longed to anything but your eyes
and all your love nights I've been dreaming about meeting you
and all I wish for my love is to find you by my side

no matter how far we'll be with countries separating us
our time will come and will join us
and we'd melt in love and kindness and live days
whose nights always join us

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