Najwa Karam

Najwa Karam
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Saharni w ghalghal fiyi, saharni
Ijeni bil heniye w ghayarni
3emele tane w rane
W akhad 3a'lati menni
W hayda yally mjannani, saharni

3ala'ny kif ma baaref kif
Ma fi ghayrou byoukhtour 3a bali
Khallani bi hal ma ba3da hal
Rayeh jayeh ehcki maa hali

Jabli el amar la 3endi
W ghaffa el nejmi 3endi
W aayachni hilm el wardi, saharni

Khatafli el rouh, wen badi rouh
Ghayar 3a'li w albi bnazrat 3ayn
W kel el ahlam w kel el gharam
We3you fiyi w kebrou biyawmen
W awal ma abaltou ma hkitou wlw sa'altou
3ech -ani hayda el eltou, saharni


Keep me up all night and spoil me, keep me awake
You have come with happiness and changed me
You made me something different
And you have taken my family from me
And this is what is what will make me crazy, keep me awake

You have hooked me, and I donít know how
There is no other that fills my mind
You have kept me this way and I am still this way
I go and return speaking to myself

You brought me the moon
And the stars also
And thirsted me from the rose, keep me awake

Youíve taken my spirit, where can I go?
You have changed my heart in a split second
And all the love and romance
They have grown in the matter of two days
And when I first met him I didnít speak to him or ask him
What is it that you said? Keep me awake

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