Najwa Karam

Najwa Karam
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انا مقدر اكابر على حالي
واقول لك يابن العم انت حلالي

مقدر اكن لك جسد من غيرروح
روحي روحي معلقة بولد فيا الغالي

خيروني ابن العم خيروني ابن الخال
قلت الهم ياهلي انا براسي موال

ابن عمي ومايهنا لي ابن خالي وماهو بالي
مااريد غير شويقي شويقي والقلب هو الميال

ياهلي يااغلى الناس طلبكم على العين والراس
لكن انتو ماترضوا اجرد قلبي من الاحساس

ياهلي ليش الملام ليش انزود بالكلام
الله العالم بالقلوب والهوا ماهو حرام


I can't contradict myself
And say to you my cousin
You are the one for me
I can't be for you a body without a soul
My soul my soul hangs on a boy who is precious to me

They made me choose my cousin (paternal uncle's son)
They made me choose my cousin (maternal uncle's son)
I told them, my family, I have a Mawwal in my head

My paternal uncle's son will not make me happy
My maternal uncle's son is not what I have in mind
I don't want anyone but my sweetheart
And my heart is the one who is inclined

Oh family, most precious people
Your demand is on my eye and mind
But don't try to make me divest my heart of its feelings

Oh family why the blame?
And why so much talk about me?
The God of the world is in our hearts
So what's wrong with love?

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