Myriam Faris » Aman

Myriam Faris Ana Gheir:

انا غير اللي شايفهم تطالعهم تدوخهم تطيحهم
انته منو انته شنو تطالعني دايم ها
تبي منو تبي ترقمني ها .. إنسى
تبي غمزه تبي همسه ها .. إنسى

ابي واحد لي شفته بنظراته يشغلني
أجي صوبه يراوغني على موده يعاندني
ابي ثقله يدوخني وبشموخه يسحرني
ولا بعينه يطالعني يزلزلني يحركني

ابي الهنا كله والشوق اللي ما أمله
وإذا طول بغيابه أشيل قشي وأرحل له
انا ماني بهالسهوله وقربي لا لا ما تطوله
لك كلمتي موصوله قول اللي تقوله


I am not like the ones you see, inspect, subjugate or bring down
Who are you? What are you? Always studying me
Who do you want? You want to register me, forget that!
You want a smile, you want a whisper, forget it!

I wish his lips knew me, with his looks, he occupies me
I go towards him, he deceives me, he defies love towards me
I want his ignorance to make me resign
And with his pride that he enchants me
And with his eye to study me, to shake me, to awaken me

I want his whole happiness and the love that I don't get fed up with
And if his absence gets longer, I'd get my stuff and wander to him
This gibbers me
My word is directed to you, say what it says

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